Things To Make With Bulk Beads

If you have run into a large supply of beads or are thinking about buying some then there are a great variety of things to make with them. Bulk beads can be used to make some great and cheap jewelry, to decorate accessories, or to make pieces of art. You will see that as you work with beads more and more you will be able to create more intricate things more efficiently. Soon enough you will be able to make anything that you set your mind to. Buy beads and let the fun and creation commence!

Bead jewelry is incredibly popular because it is very easy to make and also cheap. Use the loose beads that you have, some paper clips, and some twine to make a bracelet. First make the color choice that you want by separating the beads. Make two circular pieces of twine by tying two pieces together with their own ends. Then place the beads through the sharp end of the paper clip all the way to the top so that the cap will still fit on. Put both pieces of twine into the interior of the paper clip making sure that one is on top and one is on bottom for the entirety of the process. Keep adding paper clips until the bracelet is full and ready for wear.

Bead necklaces and bead accessorizing are also very popular ways to use your loose beads. A necklace made out of beads can be made by simply stringing them on a single piece of string. Add in more texture by using ribbon or by combining multiple strings of beads to make a fabulous necklace. Accessorizing with beads is extremely easy. All you need is a hot glue gun and an item to decorate. Find a design you like and put it on any piece of clothing or purse that you want.

When you have a bulk amount of beads you can get extra creative with some art pieces. If you want to work on a canvas for your piece then simply get started by drawing out your design with pen or pencil. Mark the areas of the design with what color you want (no one will ever see this part of the piece). Then with a hot glue gun you can simply paste a small amount on the bead and arrange it on the canvas. Fill the whole canvas up and you will have a shining, beautiful piece of art. Keep working at it to make elaborate designs in the future.

Use beads in many different ways to make many different kinds of beautiful pieces. From jewelry to art there are many options in which you can go. Put a little work into it and you will be a professional bead designer in no time.